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Amaro Gentile Mazzetti

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Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Alcohol content: 30 % Vol.

Volume: 0,7 liters

Producer and bottler: Mazzetti d'Altavilla - Viale Unità D'Italia 2 - 15041 Altavilla Monferrato (AL) - Italia - +39 0142 926147

A fine digestive, Amaro Gentile also becomes an aperitif to be cooled with ice, and possibly accompanied by mint and lemon peel.

Sensory characteristics: You can recognize sage, marjoram, gentian roots, and thyme.

An ancient elixir of thirteen herbs, berries, and roots collected on the Piedmontese reliefs inspired Amaro Gentile. Each variety gives very special hints to the product and brings with its traditional perfuming, aromatizing, and digestive properties.

A part of the herbs is left to macerate for twelve months in Aged Grappa di Moscato from Mazzetti while the remaining part is infused in alcohol, together with orange and lemon peel.

Alcohol content: 42 % Vol.

EAN (bottle): 8006050140910

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