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PETRAVIA Aglianico Puglia IGT 2018

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"Petravia" Aglianico Puglia IGT 2018 / Masseria Altemura / Apulia

Red wine from Italy

The Masseria Altemura winery is situated in the rural surroundings of Torre Santa Susanna and Oria, in the heart of the Salento peninsula between Taranto on the Ionian Sea and Brindisi on the Adriatic Sea. The landscape is characterised by its Mediterranean essence, where light, wind, and sea merge into a unique alchemy that creates an inimitable whole. The winery's 130 hectares of vineyards are planted with indigenous grape varieties. Masseria Altemura aims to carry the authenticity of Salento's winemaking tradition to the world while ensuring their wines express the character of their region.

Aglianico is a red grape variety primarily grown in Campania and Basilicata today. There are many theories about the origin of its name, but no confirmed knowledge. It is likely that Aglianico was introduced to Campania by the Greeks over 2800 years ago and spread throughout southern Italy from there. This grape produces well-structured, full-bodied wines with intense tannins and robust acidity. Due to the high tannin content, the wines require several years of aging to fully develop their high quality. Some refer to Aglianico as the "Barolo of the South" due to its great potential.

The grapes for the "Petravia" Aglianico Puglia IGT from Masseria Altemura are carefully destemmed and gently pressed after being harvested in mid-October. The resulting must is then fermented at a controlled temperature of 25 to 28 degrees Celsius in stainless steel tanks for twenty days. The "Petravia" then matures for fifteen months in 350-litre and 400-litre French oak tonneaux, followed by another twelve months of refinement in the bottle.

The Aglianico, one of the noblest grape varieties of the South, finds the "living stone – pietra viva" in the soils of the Masseria Altemura estate, which it needs to fully express its power and complex aroma. With its deep ruby red colour, it offers an intense nose with captivating aromas of cherry, blackberry, pear, and hints of spices like black pepper and juniper berry. On the palate, the Petravia is a dry wine with a significant structure and pronounced tannins. Surprisingly, it has a marked freshness brought about by its lovely acidity. The finish is excellent and very long.

The "Petravia" Aglianico Puglia IGT is a versatile wine that pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes. It harmonises particularly well with meat dishes when served at an optimal drinking temperature of 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. Grilled or roasted beef, lamb, and game such as deer or wild boar benefit from the tannins in the Aglianico, which break down the proteins in the meat and intensify the flavour. Braised dishes like ossobuco, lamb shank, or pot roast also see their flavours enhanced by the wine's intensity and structure. A juicy steak, especially when well-seasoned or served with a robust sauce, finds a perfect companion in the full-bodied Aglianico. Mature and strong cheeses also pair excellently with Aglianico. Hard cheeses like Pecorino, Parmigiano-Reggiano, or tangy Gorgonzola complement the wine's salty and intense flavours, balanced by its tannins and acidity. The powerful aromas of blue cheese also enhance the complex notes of Aglianico ideally.

Italian cuisine offers numerous opportunities to enjoy the "Petravia" Aglianico Puglia IGT. Pasta dishes with rich, meat-based sauces like Ragù alla Bolognese or lasagne pair excellently with this wine. Pizzas with spicy toppings such as salami, pepperoni, or hot sauces are also a good choice. Additionally, a risotto with truffles or mushrooms is complemented by the wine's earthiness. For lovers of spicy dishes, the "Petravia" from Masseria Altemura is also an excellent choice. Hearty stews and chilli con carne pair well with this wine, as do oriental lamb or beef dishes seasoned with kebab or tagine spices. Grilled or roasted vegetables, especially aubergine, peppers, and courgettes, can wonderfully complement the fruity and spicy notes of the Aglianico. Even with chocolate and desserts, Aglianico offers interesting combinations. Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content harmonises excellently thanks to the wine's tannin structure. Desserts with red fruits such as cherries or blackberries highlight the fruity notes of Aglianico, rounding off the tasting experience.

General properties

  • Vintage: 2018
  • Ageing: Dry
  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Apulia
  • Volume: 0,75 litres

Detailed properties

  • Producer and bottler: Masseria Altemura - Contrada Palombara sp 69 - 72028 Torre Santa Susanna (Brindisi) - Italia - +39 0831 740485
  • Quality Designation: Indicazione Geografica Tipica (IGT)
  • Grape: 100% Aglianico.
  • Winemaking: Petravia matures in 350 and 400-litre tonneaux for 15 months, with subsequent ageing in the bottle for another 12 months.
  • Sensory characteristics: Intense and enveloping nose with aromas of cherry, blackberry, pear and spicy notes such as black pepper and juniper berries. With its robust structure, this imposing and persistent dry wine has decisively woven tannins and a distinct freshness.
  • Colour: Deep and dense ruby red.
  • Alcohol content: 14 % Vol.
  • Residual sugar: 1,02 g/l
  • Acidity: 6,06 g/l
  • Closure type: Natural cork.
  • Serving suggestion: This wine is extremely versatile and goes well with a wide range of foods. Whether meat dishes, mature and strong cheeses, Italian cuisine, spicy dishes, grilled vegetables or even chocolate and desserts - the Petravia Aglianico seems to be the perfect accompaniment for every occasion. With its ability to harmonize with both hearty meat dishes and delicate desserts, it offers a wide range of possibilities for culinary delights. From a cosy dinner at home to an elegant dinner at an upscale restaurant, this wine is a reliable choice for connoisseurs and gourmets alike.
  • Recommended serving temperature: Between 18 and 20°C
  • Allergen: Contains sulphites.
  • EAN (bottle): 8002235029315
  • Scope of supply: 1 bottle of wine 0.75 litres.

Grape variety


The Aglianico grape variety originates from Southern Italy and develops unique characteristics in Apulia due to the region's specific climate and soil conditions. It is believed that ancient Greeks brought the Aglianico grape to Southern Italy in the 7th century BC. The name Aglianico probably derives from the ancient Greek word "Ellenico," meaning "Greek." Even during the Roman era, as noted by Pliny the Elder, the grape was valued for its quality and intense flavour. In the Middle Ages, monasteries played a key role in cultivating Aglianico. During the Spanish rule from the 15th to the 18th century, the name "Aglianico" became common under Spanish influence. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the grape variety spread to Apulia, where the hot, dry climate and calcareous soils provided ideal conditions. Today, Aglianico is one of the most important red grape varieties in Southern Italy. The vine is vigorous with dense foliage. In Apulia, it is often grown using the traditional "Alberello" system, which offers good sunlight exposure and ventilation. The leaves are medium to large, five-lobed, and turn a reddish-purple hue in autumn. The grapes are medium-sized, compact, and have thick, dark skins with high tannin content, contributing to the deep red colour of the wines. The late ripening in October or November allows for full aroma development and good sugar accumulation. Aglianico wines from Apulia are known for their powerful structure, aromatic intensity, and excellent ageing potential, making them highly esteemed both in the region and beyond.

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