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Trial pack The North

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Italian wine

This tasting package contains wines from the north of Italy.

Contents: 3 x 0.75 liters


Producer and bottler: Kellerei Meran Burggräfler Gen. Landw. Ges. - Kellereistraße 9 - 39020 Marling (BZ) - Italia - +39 0473 447137

Quality Designation: Denominazione di Origine Controllata (D.O.C.)

Grapes: 100% Chardonnay

Contents: 0.75 liters

Winemaking: Cold maceration in the grape press. Alcoholic fermentation in small stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Partial biological acid degradation. Later storage on the lees for 5 months.

Sensory characteristics: The bouquet is reminiscent of exotic fruits such as banana, pineapple and ripe apples.

The taste is dry, harmonious, fresh, very soft with a persistent finish. You can taste subtle pineapple, yellow apple and caramel.

Colour: Lively straw yellow with a greenish tinge.

Alcohol content: 13,5% Vol.

Residual sugar: 3,6 g/l

Acidity: 5,8 g/l

Stopper: Natural cork

Serving suggestion: Ideal with fish and seafood, white meat and risotto.

Recommended serving temperature: Between 10 and 12°C.

Allergen: Contains sulfites


Producer and bottler: Ca' Bolani - Via Cà Bolani, 2 - 33052 Cervignano del Friuli (Udine) - Italia - +39 0431 32670

Quality Designation: Denominazione di Origine Controllata (D.O.C.)

Grapes: 100% Pinot Grigio

Contents: 0.75 liters

Winemaking: Grapes are taken to the winery as soon as they are picked for gentle crushing. Fermentation is initiated with select yeasts and proceeds at a controlled temperature of 18° - 20°C in order to retain the wine’s fruitiness and superior organoleptic qualities.

Sensory characteristics: Intriguing bouquet that evolves into notes of ripe fruit, Golden Delicious apple and citron rind and into floral notes of acacia and medicinal herbs.

The flavour of this Pinot Grigio is dry, fresh, juicy palate and mouthfeel. Salty notes make it persistent in the finish.

Colour: Bright straw yellow with a slight coppery tinge.

Alcohol content: 13 % Vol.

Stopper: Natural cork

Serving suggestion: Excellent as an aperitif. It pairs superbly with delicate appetizers, stuffed pasta and all fish and vegetable dishes.

Recommended serving temperature: Cooled between 10 and 12°C.

Allergen: Contains sulfites

► "Benedictus" LUGANA D.O.C. 2018

Producer and bottler: Le Morette/Azienda Agricola Valerio Zenato - Viale Indipendenza - San Benedetto di Lugana - 37019 Peschiera del Garda (Verona) - Italia - +39 045 7552724

Quality Designation: Denominazione di Origine Controllata (D.O.C.)

Grapes: This Lugana is made from 100% Turbiana (Trebbiano) grapes that come only from the Valerio Zenato - Le Morette vineyards.

Contents: 0.75 liters

Winemaking: Thermo-controlled vinification of the wine-must, starts together with the skins for one day, than continues in stainless steel tanks at 16-18°C. Part of the winemust ferments in small oak barrels. Ageing for at least 3 months in bottle.

Sensory characteristics: Fine wine with an intense and fruity bouquet of ripe yellow apples, quinces, papaya and guava. Complemented by spicy nuances of clove and vanilla. Its taste is intense, full and strong. Storage in wood makes the Benedictus creamy and spicy. All in all a really extraordinary taste.

Colour: Straw yellow with fine greenish shades. Due to the storage, these shades tend to be golden.

Alcohol content: 13,0 % Vol.

Acid: 5,9 g/l

pH: 3,25

Dry extract: 22,50 g/l

Stopper: Synthetic cork

Serving suggestion: This Lugana goes well with all starters and is particularly suitable for freshwater and marine fish. But it is also valued as an aperitif.

Recommended serving temperature: At about 12 to 13 ° C. Please uncork just before serving. Serve in large glasses.

Allergen: Contains sulfites

Scope of delivery: 3 bottles of 0.75 liter wine; A total of 2.25 liters

Child Safety: We deliver this article only to adults of unlimited legal capacity and reserve the right to demand appropriate proof of age. The data required for the order, such as name, address, etc., must be provided in full and truthfully.