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It is 1958 in the Treviso territory of Alta Marca. Helped by his wife Elsa and later on by his children, Osvaldo Balbinot is starting out in the wine business ...

The first fundamental change takes place in 1984 when his son Ernesto, fresh with his oenology diploma, creates "La Vigna" winery and starts producing basic "Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene" from the family's own grapes and then selling it to local restaurants and bars. The satisfaction of producing excellent sparkling wine, however, soon gives rise to Ernesto's desire to transform and commercialise his style of wines by creating his own brand.

Thus "Le Manzane", replacing the name of "La Vigna". Hard work and perseverance leads to breaking into the national market and, subsequently, to international success together with ever-increasing interest and recognition. The family, today, is a cornerstone of the success of the business thanks to the combined efforts of Ernesto, his wife Silvana and their son Marco; also a winemaker.

All are delighted to welcome you to the new cellar. 

Manufacturer and bottler: Le Manzane

Via Maset 47/B

31020 S.Pietro di Feletto (TV)


+39 0438 486606

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"EXCLUSIVE" Prosecco Spumante Brut "Linea Balbinot" D.O.C.

Ageing: Typical brut taste

Producer: Le Manzane

Le Manzane

Country: Italy

Region: Veneto


Volume: 0,75 liters

9.50 / bottle(s) *
1 l = 12.67 €
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