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ADMIRE Merlot Colli Aprutini IGP 2021

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"Admire" Merlot Colli Aprutini IGP 2021 / Fosso Corno / Abruzzo

Red wine from Italy

The Fosso Corno winery extends over thirty hectares in a single area on a hill near Roseto degli Abruzzi in the central Italian province of Teramo between the port cities of Ancona and Pescara. Standing in the vineyard, one can admire the beautiful Adriatic Sea to the east, while the imposing Gran Sasso massif rises from the hilly landscape to the west. This area, famous for its wines, is characterized by a unique natural location that is almost perfect for viticulture. The growing interest in Montepulciano wine in the nineties of the twentieth century prompted the Biscardo family to buy the Fosso Corno winery in 2001. Since then, the family has endeavoured to produce a very high-quality wine, which means that great efforts are required in the care of the vineyards and the careful use of agronomic experiments.

The red grape variety Merlot probably comes from France. It is an early maturing variety that produces fruity, full-bodied, and full-bodied wines. The grapes for the Admire come exclusively from the vineyard of the Fosso Corno winery, which is located at an altitude of 140 m above sea level and has an optimal south-west location.

About thirty days before the grape harvest, the bunches of grapes are separated from the plant so that the berries no longer receive any nutrition from the vine. The result is a natural drying of the grapes, which is further supported by the wind and the sun. This concentrates the aromas of the grapes. This procedure is called the appassimento technique. The dried grapes are then hand-picked and transported in crates to the winery, where slow, maceration-contact fermentation takes place. This phase of winemaking lasts about 25 days. The wine is then stored in French 500-liter Neaux oak barrels for around twelve to fourteen months. The Admire Merlot Colli Aprutini IGP then remains in the bottle for a further six months to refine before it is released on the market.

The Admire Merlot Colli Aprutini IGP 2021 by Fosso Corno shines in the glass with a dark and intense ruby red. Its soft and fruity bouquet is reminiscent of pomegranate. Grassy notes can still be seen in the background. On the palate it is dry, soft, and velvety, well balanced with well-integrated tannins. Its spicy freshness is harmonious and long-lasting.

For this wine to unfold its full aroma, it should be decanted about an hour before consumption. At a recommended drinking temperature of 16 to 18°C, the Admire Merlot from Fosso Corno is an excellent accompaniment to pasta dishes with meat sauces and classic lasagne. Also, very good with boiled and roasted meat, roasts, and spicy cheeses.

General properties

  • Vintage: 2021
  • Ageing: Dry
  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Abruzzo
  • Volume: 0.75 litres

Detailed properties

  • Producer and bottler: Fosso Corno - Via Fosso Corno - 64026 Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE) - Italia - +39 045 6201154
  • Quality Designation: Indicazione Geografica Protetta (IGP)
  • Grape: 100% Merlot.
  • Area of production: The Fosso Corno Estate is located in Roseto Degli Abruzzi and covers 30 hectares on a single hill, facing the Adriatic Sea. The vineyard from which Fosso Corno produce "Admire" stands at an average altitude of 140m asl with optimal south-west exposure.
  • Harvest: The grapes are carefully selected throughout the ripening season and naturally dry 30 days directly on the plant. Fosso Corno make use of a special drying method: vine-shoots are cut off so that the grapes no longer receive nutrition from the plant and naturally dry thanks to the breeze coming both from the seaside and from the Gran Sasso chain.
  • Vinification: Once these grapes have been hand-harvested and softly pressed, a slow, 25-days maceration begins. After fermentation, the Merlot "Admire" relaxes 12/14 months in French oak Tonneaux (500 litre). It then refines in bottles for 6 months before being released on the market.
  • Sensory characteristics: The "Admire" has delicate hints of pomegranate on the nose, full-bodied in the mouth. It comes across as well-balanced, full, and vigorous, with a long finish.
  • Colour: Deep ruby red.
  • Alcohol content: 14.5 % Vol.
  • Residual sugar: 4.0 g/l
  • Acidity: 5.2 g/l
  • Stopper: Natural cork
  • How to serve: This wine is a good companion to pasta with meat sauces, roasted red meat, game, aged and sharp cheese.
  • Recommended serving temperature: Between 16 and 18°C.
  • Allergens: Contains sulphites
  • EAN (bottle): 8034125060177
  • Scope of supply: 1 bottle of wine 0.75 litres

Grape variety


The red grape variety MERLOT is believed to come from the Bordeaux region of France. Its name probably derives from the French word "merle", which means "blackbird" and refers to the black colour of the grapes. It is an early ripening variety that produces fruity, full-bodied, and full-bodied wines. Merlot grapes are medium to large in size, have thin skin and are dark blue to black-blue in colour. In Abruzzo, known for its diverse wine-growing regions, Merlot is typically grown in the region's hills and valleys. The vineyards in Abruzzo benefit from the climatic conditions influenced by the nearby Apennine Mountains. The climate is Mediterranean, meaning summers are warm and dry while winters are mild and humid. This creates ideal conditions for growing Merlot grapes. Merlot wines from Abruzzo can be diverse and have different flavour profiles depending on the specific vineyard, terroir, and growing techniques. In Abruzzo, Merlot is often used in combination with other regional grape varieties such as Montepulciano to create interesting cuvées and wine styles.

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