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Chardonnay Riserva Trentino DOC 2020

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Chardonnay Riserva Trentino DOC 2020 / Mezzacorona / Trentino

White wine from Italy

Mezzacorona has been cultivating its vineyards in the valleys of the Trentino-Alto Adige region since 1904. Thanks to the different microclimates, this area is particularly predestined for viticulture: from mild to moderate and with deep valleys and mountain ranges with mountain peaks over 3500 meters high. Here, in the heart of the Dolomites, Mezzacorona produces wines of a unique, genuine character. Generations of committed winemaking families work with an eye on the environment and using sustainable processing methods, they cultivate their vineyards according to integrated viticulture systems and guarantee natural products. A team of expert oenologists and agronomists work alongside the winemakers every day, accompanying the product's life cycle from the vine to the harvest and into the bottle. In doing so, they place the most modern techniques and production equipment at the service of tradition.

Chardonnay is an internationally renowned white grape variety originally from Burgundy in France. However, thanks to its adaptability and versatility, it has spread all over the world, including in Italy, where it has been cultivated for a very long time, especially near the Alps. The Chardonnay varietal itself, i.e., the grapes, do not have a unique or distinctive outward appearance. They are usually small to medium in size and oval in shape. The colour varies from greenish yellow to a light golden hue when the grapes are ripe.

The grapes for the Chardonnay Riserva DOC thrive on the company's own vineyards, which are cultivated on the slopes of the Trentino mountains at an altitude of 250 to 500 meters on dry alluvial, calcareous, and sandy soils that are characteristic of this area. The grapes are harvested at a high stage of ripeness, when they are a beautiful golden yellow indicative of a rich aroma. The tasteful mixture of grapes that thrive in the most diverse locations results in a wine that is both rich and full, but also fresh and delicate. The harvest takes place in September, followed immediately by cold maceration of part of the grapes in order to increase the extraction of aromas. After a gentle pressing, the must is fermented on selected yeasts. One half ferment in stainless steel tanks, the other half in French oak barrels, where malolactic fermentation takes place. The aging period begins with four months of storage in steel and ends after another eight months in wood. The wine yeast in the wooden barrel is also stirred up several times (battônnage) to give the wine more fullness and mouthfeel, which also increases its shelf life. Finally, the wine refines for 3 - 4 months in the bottle.

With its straw yellow colour streaked with golden reflections, the Chardonnay Riserva has a rich aroma of complex notes of aromatic herbs and ripe fruit, such as melon, peach, nectarine and yellow and red apple. The delicate notes of vanilla, almonds, and nuts – originating from the aging in the wood – round off the taste. On the palate, this wine shows the typical fullness and structure of the Chardonnay, complemented by the softness of the malolactic fermentation. The finish shows the freshness and minerality of the Chardonnay from the Dolomites, which has been preserved by the aging in steel tanks.

At an optimal drinking temperature of around 8 to 10 degrees Celsius, this fragrant and mature Chardonnay from Northern Italy reveals its full aroma and pairs excellently with a variety of dishes. It is ideal as an accompaniment to starters such as baked goat cheese, Vitello Tonnato, or grilled scallops. For main courses, it harmonises beautifully with poultry dishes like chicken in cream sauce or roast duck, as well as fish dishes such as grilled salmon or sea bass and fish in lemon sauce. Pork fillet, as well as pasta and risotto, especially mushroom or saffron risotto and Pasta Alfredo, also pair superbly with this Chardonnay. Cheese lovers will be delighted, as the Chardonnay Riserva Trentino DOC from Mezzacorona complements both soft cheeses like Brie and Camembert, and hard cheeses like mature Comté and Gruyère. Vegetarian dishes, particularly grilled vegetables and mushroom dishes like mushroom risotto or sautéed mushrooms, are perfectly rounded off by this Chardonnay. This high-quality Chardonnay Riserva from Trentino is incredibly versatile and offers a wonderful complement to many different dishes. Its elegant and complex profile makes it an excellent choice for fine dining and special occasions.

General properties

  • Vintage: 2020
  • Ageing: Dry
  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Trentino
  • Volume: 0.75 litres

Detailed properties

  • Producer and bottler: Mezzacorona/NOSIO SPA - Via del Teroldego 1/E - 38016 Mezzocorona (TN) - Italia - +39 0461 616399
  • Quality Designation: Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC)
  • Grape variety: 100% Chardonnay from Trentino vineyards.
  • Winemaking: Harvest in September and cold maceration of part of the grapes. Gentle pressing and fermentation on selected yeasts. Fermentation and stainless-steel tanks and French oak barrels. Aging for 4 months in steel and 8 months in wood. A resting period of 3 to 4 months in the bottle before marketing.
  • Sensory characteristics: Complex notes of aromatic herbs and ripe fruit such as melon, peach, nectarine, and yellow and red apple. In the background a strong presence of vanilla, almonds, and nuts. Dry, full-bodied, soft on the palate with a good structure. Fresh and mineral in the finish.
  • Colour: Bright straw yellow with golden reflections.
  • Alcohol content: 13% Vol.
  • Type of closure: Natural cork.
  • Serving recommendation: The Chardonnay Riserva Trentino DOC from Mezzacorona pairs perfectly with appetizers such as baked goat cheese, Vitello Tonnato, and grilled scallops. For main courses, it complements poultry, fish, pork fillet, pasta, and risotto. Cheese enthusiasts will appreciate it with Brie, Camembert, mature Comté, and Gruyère. Additionally, vegetarian dishes like grilled vegetables and mushroom dishes are perfectly complemented by this Chardonnay.
  • Recommended serving temperature: Between 8 and 10°C
  • Allergens: Contains sulfites.
  • Warning: Consuming alcoholic beverages during pregnancy, even in small quantities, can have serious consequences for the child's health.
  • EAN (bottle): 8004305002167
  • Scope of supply: 1 bottle of wine 0.75 litres.

Grape variety


Chardonnay is one of the world's best-known and most widely grown white wine varieties, equally popular with winemakers and consumers. Originating from the Burgundy region of France, the grape variety is named after the village of Chardonnay in the Mâconnais area. Genetic studies reveal that Chardonnay is a cross between Pinot Noir and Gouais Blanc, a grape variety that was widespread in medieval Europe. In the late 19th century, Chardonnay made its way through South Tyrol into Trentino. Winemakers there quickly recognised that the region's climatic and geographical conditions were ideal for this grape variety. The alpine influences and diverse soil types enabled the production of wines with unique characteristics. Improved viticultural practices and technological innovations in the 20th and 21st centuries significantly enhanced the quality of Chardonnay wines from Trentino. Chardonnay vines are robust and resilient, thriving in various climates and featuring medium to large, slightly wavy, dark green leaves with serrated edges. The grape clusters are compact, conical to cylindrical, sometimes with a smaller side branch. The berries are small, round to oval, and greenish yellow, turning golden yellow when fully ripe. Chardonnay ripens early and is often harvested before other white grape varieties, making it less susceptible to autumn rains and associated diseases. Trentino benefits from an alpine climate with warm summers and cool nights, which promotes a good acid structure and intense aromas in the grapes. Soils with high mineral content, especially in the Dolomites, impart a pronounced minerality to the wines, distinguishing Chardonnay from Trentino from others. Depending on the vinification style, Chardonnay wines from Trentino can be either unoaked or oak aged. Oak-aged variants often exhibit additional aromas of vanilla, butter, and roasted nuts.

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