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DINOTTE Red Blend Rosso IGT 2021

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Dinotte Red Blend Rosso IGT 2021 / Mezzacorona / Trentino

Red wine from Italy

Since 1904, Mezzacorona has been cultivating its vineyards in the valleys of the Trentino-Alto Adige region. This area is particularly predestined thanks to the different microclimates: from mild to temperate and with deep valleys and mountain ranges with peaks over 3500 metres high. Here, in the heart of the Dolomites, Mezzacorona produces wines of unique, genuine character. Just like the region in which they grow. The wines of Mezzacorona are the result of the precise knowledge of the specific characteristics of the vineyards and the grape varieties. The wines are aromatic and elegant, genuine, and virtuoso. Just like the winegrowers who grow them. Especially like the land on which they grow. Generations of dedicated winegrowing families work with respect for the environment and using sustainable processing methods, cultivating their vineyards according to integrated viticulture systems and guaranteeing natural products. A team of competent oenologists and agronomists work alongside the individual winemaker’s day after day, accompanying the life cycle of the product from the vine to the harvest and into the bottle. In doing so, they put the most modern techniques and production equipment at the service of tradition.

Marzemino is a red grape native to northern Italy. The grape has been documented since the Middle Ages and takes its name from the town of Marzemin in what is now Slovenia. The grape variety is known for its fine, aromatic wines, which are characterized by a deep ruby red color and a pronounced acidity. The Marzemino grape is very demanding and thrives best on calcareous soils near rivers or lakes. The Teroldego is a red grape variety that is mainly grown in the Italian region of Trentino. It is an autochthonous variety that has been known there since at least the 16th century. The grapes have a thick skin and high acidity, making them ideal for making red wines. The famous Merlot is a red grape variety that originally comes from south-west France and is now cultivated worldwide. Merlot grapes are thick-skinned and dark blue in color. The wines made from Merlot grapes tend to be full-bodied and fruity, with a soft and smooth taste. They are typically medium to high in alcohol and low in acidity. The wines are often known as "easy drinking" and make good everyday wines.

Together, the grape varieties mentioned, which are grown in the Piana Rotaliana, in Ala and on the northern shore of Lake Garda, near Arco, result in the wonderful Mezzacorona Dinotte Red Blend Rosso IGT. The grapes are harvested by hand when they are ripe and vinified using the classic red wine process. The maceration takes place at 23 to 30°C for twelve to thirteen days with the addition of selected yeasts. Both the Teroldego and the Merlot mature in lightly toasted French oak barrels for about six months each.

The Mezzacorona Dinotte Red Blend presents the aromatic richness of the two noble grape varieties of the Dolomites Teroldego and Marzemino. Combined with the international grape variety Merlot, the elegance and softness of this wine is created. The Teroldego with its intense aromas of red currants, blackberries and blueberries ensures a full-bodied structure. The Marzemino brings a pleasant, juicy character to the wine and creates a fine, velvety palate. The trio is completed by the Merlot, which gives the wine aromatic notes of vanilla and cocoa. The aim of the makers of this semi-sweet red wine was to recreate the beauty of the night.

At the recommended serving temperature of approximately 16 to 18 degrees Celsius, the Dinotte by Mezzacorona reveals its full potential, making it an ideal companion for hearty appetizers. The fruity aromas and juicy character of the wine harmonize perfectly with pasta dishes, especially those accompanied by rich meat sauces. Indulge in moments of enjoyment by serving this wine with grilled steak, roast, or tender lamb chops. The intense fruit flavours and velvety texture of the Dinotte Red Blend tastefully meld with the robust flavours of the meat. The soft character of this red wine finds its completion when paired with braised vegetables, especially those with light sweet notes, such as roasted peppers or eggplants. Furthermore, the versatility of this wine is showcased by its excellent pairing with a selection of hard cheeses like Parmesan or Pecorino. The wine's structure aligns with the intensity of these cheeses, resulting in a harmonious flavour composition. The aromatic notes of vanilla and cocoa add a special finesse to the Dinotte, making it an exquisite companion to chocolate desserts at the conclusion of a meal. Experience this exceptional wine with a rich chocolate cake or a tempting chocolate mousse, immersing yourself in a sensual taste experience.

General properties

  • Vintage: 2021
  • Ageing: Semi dry
  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Trentino
  • Volume: 0.75 litres

Detailed properties

  • Producer and bottler: Mezzacorona/NOSIO SPA - Via del Teroldego 1/E - 38016 Mezzocorona (TN) - Italia - +39 0461 616399
  • Quality Designation: Indicazione Geografica Tipica (IGT).
  • Grape Varieties: Teroldego, Marzemino and Merlot.
  • Winemaking: Teroldego and Marzemino are vinified using the classic red wine method. The maceration takes place at 23 - 30 degrees for 12 to 13 days with the addition of selected yeasts. Both Teroldego and Merlot are aged in French oak barrels (lightly toasted, 3 years old) for about 6 months.
  • Colour: Red.
  • Sensory characteristics: Medium dry, elegant, and soft with intense aromas of red currants, blackberries, and blueberries. Full-bodied structure with a pleasantly juicy character and a velvety palate. Aromatic notes of vanilla and cocoa in the background.
  • Alcohol content: 13 % Vol.
  • Residual sugar: 16.25 g/l
  • Total acid: 5.25 g/l
  • Type of closure: Pressed cork.
  • Serving suggestion: Perfect with hearty appetizers and pasta featuring rich meat sauces. Excellent with grilled steak, roasts, or lamb chops. Also complements well with braised vegetables and Italian hard cheeses. Lovely as a dessert wine.
  • Recommended serving temperature: Between 16 and 18°C
  • Allergens: Contains sulfites.
  • Warning: Consuming alcoholic beverages during pregnancy, even in small quantities, can have serious consequences for the child's health.
  • EAN (bottle): 8004305005199
  • Scope of supply: 1 bottle of wine 0.75 litres.

Grape variety


The Teroldego, an indigenous red wine grape hailing from the picturesque Trentino region in Northern Italy, likely has its roots dating back to the Middle Ages and is named after the town of Terlano. Local winegrowers established it as a significant indigenous variety, and over the centuries, the hills of Trentino became the perfect cultivation area as the grape harmoniously adapted to the climate and soil. In 1971, it earned the coveted DOC status for select wines, officially recognizing its quality and origin, thereby enhancing its reputation. The leaves are large, round, and deeply lobed, featuring a shiny, dark green surface. The grapes are compact, medium-sized, cylindrical, with medium-sized berries sporting thin skins. The dark colour imparts a deep red hue to the wines. Known for its moderate to late ripening, crucial for the wines' flavours and balanced acidity, the Teroldego grape has gained national and international acclaim in recent decades due to its fruity intensity, elegance, and versatility.


The Marzemino, an exquisite red grape variety, finds its origins in the picturesque vineyards of Trentino in Northern Italy. Although its exact historical roots remain elusive, it is believed to have deep connections to this enchanting region. Mentioned in medieval writings on viticulture, Marzemino's popularity peaked in the 18th century at the court of Trent, particularly among nobility and aristocrats. Its inclusion in Mozart's opera "Don Giovanni" adds an extra layer of prestige to the Marzemino's history. In the 1980s, the grape received official recognition as a Controlled Designation of Origin (DOC) in Trentino, emphasizing its exceptional quality and precise production standards. The robust leaves and sturdy vine structure attest to the resilience of the Marzemino plant. The grapes, medium-sized and slightly conical, present in loose clusters with dark blue to black-blue berries. The late ripening, typically in late autumn, is reflected in the organoleptic characteristics of the wines—balanced acidity and mature tannins. Trentino's skilled winemakers offer an impressive range of Marzemino wines, from light to full-bodied, enriching individual taste preferences.


The Merlot grape variety likely originated in the Bordeaux region of France, deriving its name from the French word "merle," meaning thrush. This nomenclature might stem from the resemblance of the grape colour to the plumage of thrush birds. Merlot has spread globally, from Italy to the USA and South Africa. In Trentino, Merlot thrives due to the region's optimal conditions, featuring a diverse microclimate and various soil types. The cool nights and temperature variations between day and night preserve the grapes' freshness and acidity, while sunlight exposure ensures optimal ripening. The Merlot vine is adaptable, flourishing in various climatic zones. Its medium-sized, hand-shaped dark green leaves complement its cylindrical-shaped clusters of grapes. The berries range from bluish black to deep blue-violet, depending on their ripeness. Merlot grapes are particularly renowned for their fruity character.

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