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Nero d'Avola - Syrah DOC BIO 2021

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Nero d'Avola - Syrah DOC BIO 2021 / Villa Carumè / Sicily

Red wine from Italy

The Villa Carumè is a brand of the Assuli winery and is in the tranquil town of Mazara del Vallo between the cities of Marsala and Agrigento in western Sicily. Over time, a beautiful company site has developed here, which emerged from a half-timbered complex from the 18th century. Surrounded by rolling hills, modern functionality is combined with a strong connection to the territory.

The grapes for Villa Carumè's Nero d'Avola - Syrah come from vineyards located in the heart of western Sicily, between the towns of Mazara del Vallo and Trapani. Here there is an insular-Mediterranean climate with mild winters and breezy summers, which is perfect for viticulture. The vines are planted using the spur-cordon system, with medium to high plant density, on clay soils with a good lime content and a balanced content of organic elements and nitrogen.

This Sicilian red wine is a blend of the two famous grape varieties Nero d'Avola and Syrah. The Nero d'Avola is a high-quality autochthonous grape variety of Sicilian origin, which is now widespread throughout southern Italy. Because of her excellent qualities, she is also called "Principe Siciliano" (Sicilian prince). The city of Avola is located between Syracuse and Noto. This variety is one of the traditional grape varieties of Sicily and is also known under the name "Calabrese", which may indicate the origin of the grape. Syrah is a low yielding but high-quality red grape variety that probably originally came from the Middle East and became famous through its widespread cultivation in France. The vine has meanwhile gained such great importance and is so coveted that it has risen to the nobility of the wine world and is referred to as a noble vine. Syrah wines usually have a strong currant aroma. With normal mash fermentation, the vine produces a dark-colored wine with a high tannin content, which requires long bottle aging to reduce astringency.

The grapes are harvested in mid to late August each year, with strict attention being paid to the ripeness of the grapes. The vinification begins with the destemming and soft pressing of the grapes. Depending on the vintage, fermentation then lasts ten to fifteen days at a controlled fermentation temperature of 26°C. Constant pumping takes place during the extraction. The subsequent malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks lasts three to four months before this Sicilian wine has to rest in its bottle for at least three to four months.

The violet cuvée wine Nero d'Avola - Syrah DOC produces intense aromas of ripe red fruits on the nose. With your eyes closed, you might think you are standing next to Mediterranean bushes. On the palate, this red wine is dry, full, soft, and pleasantly vinous. He doesn't play too much in the foreground and is balanced. Its finish is spicy and long.

At an optimal drinking temperature of approximately 17 to 18 degrees Celsius, this wonderfully harmonious red wine from the sun-drenched vineyards of Sicily reveals its full potential. It seduces the senses and flows over the palate like a gentle stream of delights. Perfectly attuned to its surroundings, it accompanies dishes that mirror the culinary soul of the Mediterranean cuisine. A festively set table shines in the light as this noble drop takes its stage. From risotto to pasta al forno, from semi-matured cheeses to tender roasts, especially beef or lamb, with crispy potatoes - it dances with the aromas and blends them in a captivating rhythm. Its smooth texture caresses the taste buds, while its lively nuances awaken the senses. This red wine is not just a companion; it is an ally in the realm of palate pleasures. Its versatility reveals itself in combination with oven dishes and spicy foods, where it equally showcases its strength and elegance. In every bottle lies the essence of Mediterranean cuisine, captured in a wine that warms the heart and invigorates the spirit.

General properties

  • Vintage: 2021
  • Ageing: Dry
  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Sicily
  • Volume: 0.75 litres

Detailed properties

  • Producer and bottler: Villa Carumè Contrada Carcitella - 91026 Mazara del Vallo (TP) - Italia - +39 0923 547267
  • Quality Designation: Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC)
  • Grape varieties: 60% Nero d'Avola and 40% Syrah.
  • Viticulture: The climate in Mazara del Vallo is ideal for viticulture, offering mild winters and breezy summers. The grapes grow on a medium-structured soil with a pebbly skeleton and good mineral content, at an average altitude of 100 to 150 m a.s.l. The wine is grown in the spur cordon with medium to high plant density.
  • Winemaking: The harvest takes place from mid to late August, depending on the vintage and the ripeness of the grapes. This is followed by a gentle separation of the fruit from the stems and a maceration of 10 to 15 days. Extraction by traditional pumping over. The fermentation temperature is 26°C. After malolactic fermentation, the wine is aged in steel tanks for a period of 3 to 4 months and then refined in the bottle for another 3 to 4 months.
  • Sensory characterization: Intense aromas of ripe red fruit on the nose. Mediterranean bushes in the background. Dry, full, soft, and pleasantly vinous on the palate. Balanced and flavourful.
  • Colour: Violet.
  • Alcohol content: 13.5 % Vol.
  • Closure type: Natural cork.
  • How to serve: Excellent accompaniment to risotto, pasta al forno, semi-matured cheeses, and roasts with potatoes. Generally superb with oven-roasted meats and spicy Mediterranean dishes.
  • Recommended serving temperature: Between 17 and 18°C
  • Allergens: Contains sulfites
  • Organic Control Station: IT-BIO-004
  • EAN (bottle): 8057741302162
  • Scope of supply: 1 bottle of wine 0.75 litres

Grape variety


The Nero d'Avola is regarded as one of the most prominent and significant red wine varieties of Sicily, often bearing the title "Queen of Sicilian Vines". Though its precise origin is not definitively documented, it is generally considered an indigenous Sicilian grape variety. Its name, referring to the town of Avola in the province of Syracuse, suggests its likely regional origin. It is believed that the Nero d'Avola vine has been cultivated in Sicily for centuries. Written records of wine cultivation on the island date back to antiquity, indicating the probable significant role Nero d'Avola played in ancient Sicilian viticulture. Throughout the 20th century, Sicilian viticulture underwent various phases of modernization and quality improvement, with Nero d'Avola gaining increasing recognition for its quality and versatility in the latter decades of the 20th and early 21st centuries. Wines made from Nero d'Avola gained international acclaim, elevating the grape variety to a significant ambassador of the Sicilian wine industry. Today, Nero d'Avola is cultivated in various parts of Sicily, with certain regions like the province of Syracuse deemed particularly suitable for its cultivation. Nero d'Avola thrives in the warm, sun-drenched wine regions of Sicily. The Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot, dry summers and mild winters, provides ideal growing conditions for this grape variety. Soils can vary from sandy to clayey, contributing to the diversity of Nero d'Avola wines. The leaves of the Nero d'Avola plant are medium-sized and heart-shaped, typically dark green with slightly undulating edges, while the stems are usually greenish to reddish. The grapes are relatively large with a cylindrical shape, bearing oval berries that turn dark blue to black when ripe. The grape clusters can be densely packed and are usually loosely filled. The berries have medium size and thick, dark skins, containing juicy, dark flesh rich in colour, aroma, and sugar content, making them ideal for winemaking. Nero d'Avola is a robust grape variety well-adapted to the warm Mediterranean climate of Sicily. The plant can withstand dry conditions and is relatively resistant to diseases and pests. It thrives best in sunny locations with well-draining soils to realize its full potential. While Nero d'Avola can be used as a single varietal, it is often blended with other local or international grape varieties to enhance complexity and structure.


The Syrah, also known as Shiraz, is a deep-red wine grape variety cultivated in various wine regions around the world. Its introduction to Sicily likely occurred in the latter decades of the 20th century. The warm Mediterranean climate and diversity of soils favour the cultivation of the Syrah vine on the island. Sunny days and mild nights provide optimal conditions for grape growth and ripening. Sicily's terroir offers a variety of conditions, from the volcanic soils of Mount Etna to the limestone soils in the west, suitable for Syrah cultivation, capable of yielding various expressions of this grape variety. The Syrah plant is vigorous, with dark green, medium-sized leaves. The vines are robust and can reach considerable heights. Syrah grapes are medium-sized and have an elongated, cylindrical shape, hanging in dense clusters on the vines. The berries are dark in colour and have a thick skin, aiding in maintaining their structure during the ripening process and winemaking. Syrah grapes in Sicily typically achieve moderate to low yields, contributing to the grapes' concentration of flavours and tannins. The Grapes usually mature late in the season, imparting balanced acidity and rich flavours to the wines. While the Syrah grape may not be as deeply rooted in Sicily as some of the traditional indigenous varieties, it has nonetheless gained importance in recent years, contributing to the diversity and quality of Sicilian wines.

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